How to improve the function buttons on the Fujifilm X-T1 with Sugru

Some may find it weird that I have to “fix” an already great camera. But everything comes down to personal taste, and I have yet to find a camera with perfect ergonomics and no issues. And sometimes it’s better to fix things than to be annoyed with them. But how?


When I shoot, I move the focus point around a lot. So on the X-T1 I’ve assigned the function to activate focus point selection to the front custom button. Then I can press it with my middle finger, and move the focus point with my thumb on the four buttons around the OK button. But I want to do this without having to take the camera from my eye to see which button I’m pressing.

So to work more efficiently with the camera, I rolled thin stripes of Sugru and applied to all four buttons around the OK button. I also put a small dot of Sugru on the front function button, the Focus Assist button, and on the AF-L button. Why not the AE-L button you might wonder? Because with only a dot on one of those two, I immediately know where on the back of the camera my finger is without having to look. And I chose red because it looked color than black.

Sugru is simply brilliant! Small packages with something like modelling clay you mold with your fingers before shaping it, and then let it set for 24 hours. And then it really sticks. To almost anything I’ve been told! Very cool and useful. I bought it at the local hardware store, but you can also get it online.

Did it work? Hell yeah! The X-T1 is even better to use now, and I can work it faster and more precise than ever, without having to take the camera from my eye. Simply a dream!

And for those wondering, yes, it is the Grip Strap GB-001 that is attached to the camera. The grip works really well, and when working a whole day with the camera, you don’t have to hold it tight in your hand when not shooting. You can actually let go of it, and it’s still hanging there, close to your hand. Great!

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4 thoughts on “How to improve the function buttons on the Fujifilm X-T1 with Sugru”

  1. Eivind,

    This is a great fix. I’ve used Sugru in the past but it never occurred to me to mod my X-T1 like this. Brilliant! Thanks for the great idea. Cheers,


    1. Thanks Ben, glad you like it! Have used mine with Sugru for some weeks now, and it still works great. Like a brand new camera really.


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