Official Norwegian Fujifilm X-Photographer

Wow, what a fantastic day! I’m so proud to be able to yell out to the world that Fujifilm has made me their first official Norwegian X-Photographer!! Homer Simpsons “Wohoo!” is really the first words that springs to mind. What can I say, except that I’m honored and humbled to be in such fine company. There aren’t many X-Photographers around the world, yet so many of them are truly great photographers, so I’m in some damn fine and exclusive company!


This is what Fujifilm Nordic wrote on their Facebook page today:

Fujifilm is proud to present our new X-Photographer Eivind Rohne! Eivind has been working as a professional photographer since the mid nineties, with commercial and editorial clients. Eivind teaches photographic courses and workshops, also on behalf of Fujifilm. He has co-written a book about the joy of photography, and has appeared several times on the “Good Morning Norway” national breakfast television show on TV2 to share his passion about photography. We have made a short video to show how Eivind works when he is on a commercial assignment.

When I told my wife I was going to be an X-Photographer, she commented nonchalantly “Oh, so you’re giving up photography…”. Well, what can I say… She’s funny as well as beautiful, and humour is an important part of my life.

If you’re curious about how a typical day in my professional life can be, click here to watch the behind the scenes video Torstein Boe from Fujifilm Nordic made. It’s from a fashion catalogue I shot at Losby Mansion for a Norwegian clothing brand named L’evolution, and both the fashion catalogue and the video was shot exclusively on Fujifilm X-T1 cameras by the way.


If you haven’t checked out the X-Photographers yet (my profile will be added there by Fujifilm soon), head over to the site. You’ll find tons of inspirational images from performers in almost every photographic genre there.

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