The Nikon D810 and Sigma 50mm Art lens is here!

It’s been a great summer! I’ve been on paternity leave in July, and now I’m full of new energy and inspiration. It’s nice to concentrate on something completely different in periods, and to me, the paternity leave…

became my vacation. But now the vacation/paternity leave is over, and new and exciting workdays and opportunities lie ahead.

I was chosen as a new Fujifilm X-Photographer in the middle of my paternity leave, so it really hasn’t had the change to sink in. But exciting things are happening on the X-front the coming months, so I guess things will gradually sink in.

The Fujifilm X platform has meant a lot to me as a professional photographer, but unfortunately I cannot manage with just the X-T1 system. I wish… But l have clients that need and demand files with higher resolution, and as a professional photographer I have to deliver. I used to be on Hasselblad digital medium format and Nikon D3x, but technology moves on, and it’s very exciting that I’ve just got my hands on the brand new Nikon D810 camera with the fantastic Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art lens. Or Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM | A which is the official name I believe.

As the summer continues and fall arrives, I’ll give both the Fujifilm X system and the new Nikon D810 camera – with both Nikkor and Sigma lenses – a real run for their money. Both on commercial assignments and personal projects. I’ll be back here with reviews and feedback on all the equipment I use, also with a review of the brand new D810, so keep visiting this blog!

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