Fujifilm street fashion workshop

It’s always fun teaching photographic workshops, and this Saturday I taught a full day workshop for Fujifilm Nordic in Oslo. With me I had Torstein Bøe from Fujifilm Nordic, and the model Katarina W from Heartbreak/Pholk modeling agency. I hope we gave…


…the participants a great day with inspiration, knowledge and practical tips.




For the practical part of the workshop, we started with some flash inside. It’s fun to see what you can do with an X-T1, one Cactus RF60 speedlight and a V6 transceiver, one umbrella and a reflector. A small kit that gives you lot of options if you start exploring it. I actually taught a speedlight magic workshop last Tuesday, and I showed the participants almost 20 different setups with just one speedlight. But that’s another story.




After some flashing inside, we grabbed an Elinchrom Quadra kit and went out into the streets of Oslo to shoot some street fashion with the X-T1. But even though flash is cool and exciting, it’s available light that gives me the biggest kick. This Saturday, Oslo was dark, grey and clouded, and there was very little light. A lot of people would probably call that extremely boring light, but I find lighting conditions like that fun and challenging. It’s so cool to see if you can find a direction to the light. Explore the tiny nuances. And maybe create something exciting out of nothing.

So we dropped the flash and reflector, and used only what light was already there. And I showed the participants how you can achieve good light by careful choice of exposure, background and the direction you’re shooting in. There were more than one jaw dropping when they saw that a totally grey and overcast afternoon turned into beautiful light with both definition and direction, and giving us great backlighting on Katarina W. Cool!


Since there was very little light, we had to up the ISO. The light this time of year disappears fast, and the time difference between ISO1000 and ISO3200 was only half an hour. In return, the quality of light increased as the amount decreased. In the end, the street lights and lights coming from inside the buildings started to mix with the available light. Pure magic!

In situations like that I’m so grateful for the X-Trans sensor. Because high ISO on this sensor actually gives you a visual quality that is exciting to use. On a lot of cameras, you get ugly digital noise that you do anything to avoid. But high ISO on the X-T1 gives you that organic feeling that looks real, natural and human. Not sterile and digital. It’s actually so good, that I often choose to use high ISO on the X-T1 just to get that look in my files. Even on commercial assignments.

And the street fashion images from this day was developed in Capture One Pro 8 – the absolute best choice for Fujifilm raw files – and then they got this cool retro look by being printed on the Instax Share SP-1 WiFi printer from Fujifilm. Could this day get any better?! Nope!

All behind the scenes pictures by Torstein Bøe. Model pictures by me.




Torstein Bøe sacrifices everything to get the best BTS angle…

Todays team, from the left: Yours truly, Katarina W and Torstein Bøe.

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