Fujifilm X-T1 workshop at Interfoto in Oslo

This Saturday I taught a Fujifilm workshop in Oslo for a bunch of curious and enthusiastic people. Some were eager enthusiasts, while some…

…worked as photographers.

We went through the functions and settings of the X-T1, and I showed the participants how I’ve set up the X-T1 I use. I also showed them the Camera Remote App, and we played a bit with the Instax Share SP-1 WiFi printer. Inspiration and composition where also on the agenda, and no workshop is complete without some practical photography!


Going through the menus and setting up the X-T1.


Out in the field, I showed them how I use the camera in both aperture priority and manual mode to get the best exposure possible. The fantastic EVF and the screen on the back, both show how the exposure actually turns out before you take the shot. Useful and so cool! Exposure isn’t just about what’s technical correct. It’s actually an important creative part of photography, and what you’re trying to say with your pictures.


I’ve worked a lot on this shooting style…

Training excercises was an important part of this workshop!


Jonas Aa from the modeling agency Pholk accompanied us on the practical part outside, and he delivered 100% coolness during the 2.5 hours we had him with us. Cool and nice guy, and a great model! All in all it was a great day!

The behind the scenes shots in this blogpost marked fatmonkey, is shot by Ann Sissel Holthe who was a participant at the workshop. She takes beautiful pictures of children among other things, so check out her website by clicking here! The rest of the pictures are mine.

If you’re thinking about taking a photographic course or workshop, you can visit my website here. I offer both private tutoring, and different types of courses and workshops. Maybe I’ll see you there sometime!










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