The Fujifilm X-T1 GS – can it be improved?

I’ve been using the Fujifilm X-T1 and the excellent XF lenses shooting pretty much everything the last year. From portraits to fashion to architecture to industrial subjects. And in January I was so lucky to get my hands on a Graphite Silver Edition of the X-T1, probably one of the most beautiful cameras ever made!

I often get the question why I love Fujifilm so much. As I’ve said before, a lot of cameras are great tools, but only a few cameras make me really want to go out and shoot. The X-T1 is one of those.

The first thing I love about it is the dials. I love having a camera where I have full control over all important settings (ISO, aperture, shutterspeed and exposure compensation) just by looking at it. All the info I need is there, right in front of me. And of course The X-T1 is light and a joy to use, with some of the best lenses on the market. On top of that it delivers beautiful files that you can print big, with fantastic color rendering. It’s all I need.

I’m not doing a full review of the Fujifilm X-T1 GS here, as I wrote a review on the X-T1 on my old blog. You can read that by clicking here.

The X-T1 GS is the same camera as the black version, but I can feel the difference between the two cameras I have. My black X-T1 was one of the first to be released, and I especially notice that the four function buttons around the OK button are much better on the new GS house. They have a more definite click to them them when using them. But I still prefer buttons that are more raised so I can feel them before clicking them. Therefore I have put Sugru on both X-T1 cameras. If you haven’t got the faintest idea what I’m talking about now, check out my blogpost about Sugru, or you can go directly and watch my Sugru YouTube video here.

I like both versions of the X-T1, and I’m very fond of the black version. But there is something really special about this Graphite Silver Edition, and I’m glad Fujifilm released it. The metal finish is very cool, and it’s a look that suits this camera very well. One extra piece of equipment I can’t live without, is the bigger and longer eyecup EC-XT L you see on see pictures. It keeps out stray light, and for me it’s perfect.

Much have been improved with the X-T1 since the release of firmware version 3.00, but there are still things on my wishlist for future cameras and development. So here’s my list of 7 things that should be improved on a future Fujifilm X-T1’ish camera:

1) Please make the D-pad/function buttons around the OK button higher on your next camera! Ref my Sugru project…

2) When using two batteries with the VG-XT1 vertical grip, and the grip battery is empty, the camera kind of pauses to switch to the second battery. Very annoying! And if you turn off the camera with an empty grip battery and turn it on again, the camera first makes an attempt to use what is left of that empty battery, before it pausing again to switch to the other battery. Not a good solutions at all. Other cameras I have used with two batteries, can switch seemlessly between batteries when one is empty. And if you are filming with the X-T1 when the grip battery dies, the filming stops during that annoying switch procedure. Has to be fixed!

3) I want the diopter adjustment dial to be lockable. I keep knocking this out of position all the time, and has to adjust it way to often.

4) If you are in “EVF only” mode, and you press playback, the pictures are diplayed on the back screen of the camera, and if you put the camera to your eye, they are displayed in the EVF. Cool! But if you push the menu button in “EVF only” mode, the menus are only shown inside the EVF, and not on the back of the camera… Not good… I want the menus to behave like the playback does, being displayed on the screen even though “EVF only” is active.

5) I really hope Fujifilm will change that rather confusing “BASE” name in the Q menu. If I go into the Q menu, the name says “BASE”, and when I scroll to select custom setting it says C1 – C7. But if I select one of these, then go out of the Q menu and back in, the name says “BASE” again… Why make it so confusing?? Why not always display the name (C1 – C7) of the actual custom setting that is active, even if you go in and out of the Q menu…??

6) Please make the Movie button into a ordinary configurable function button!

7) I really hope Fujifilm will release the VG-XT1 vertical battery grip in matching colors as the Graphite Silver house. I have the battery grip on the black X-T1, and it looks and feels great! I tried putting the black VG-XT1 grip on the X-T1 GS, and it doesn’t look good at all… Sorry… The extra battery power with the grip is one thing, but I really need to use the grip to get the best possible balance when using lenses like the XF10-24mm, XF56mm and the XF50-140mm.

But now to the most important part of all this, get yourself out there and shoot some great pictures with your gear!

11 thoughts on “The Fujifilm X-T1 GS – can it be improved?

  1. Nice simple review and great ideas to be improved on an already fantastic camera. I hope Fuji read this review and makes changes based on the ideas you have spoken because i think they are great.

    1. Thanks a lot Michael, glad you liked it! Yeah let’s hope the good people at Fujifilm picks up on this, and maybe like those suggestions enough to make that little gem of a camera (or some future version) even better!


    1. I’ve heard others ask for the same Tony. Personally I don’t need an aperture lock, but I’d like most of their lenses to have a firmer aperture ring so you don’t change it without meaning to. I’m working on a summary of all the lenses I’ve used for an upcoming blogpost, and so far the aperture ring on the XF50-140 is the perfect one.


  2. Hi Eivind!
    The GS-version looks that good, that I might have to purchase one myself, only owning the black one 🙂
    The one improvement that I am hoping for, is the possibility to make more than three exposures in the BKT – AE mode. And with a grater span than one stop exposure. Besides that, the XT-1 is as close to a perfect camera as I can get

    1. Haha, never hurts to have a backup! I use them in parallell, with two different lenses, one wide(er) and one tight(er) so it’s quick to swap between lenses without having to change.

      More exposures with bracketing would also be nice, I can see that. I use it very seldom, so it didn’t make my list this time. 🙂

      Yeah, with such a great camera all this is really nitpicking, isn’t it?! 🙂 🙂


  3. The early D-pads were low profile and hard to press with little tactile feedback. I found a later one much improved that actually clicks!

    1. Yeah the early D-pad buttons where quite different. I have both an early and a recent X-T1, but I still like the buttons more raised with Sugru, even though they have actual clicks now. I have to feel where the button is before pushing it. Just my personal preference. 🙂


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