Fujifilm workshop in Oslo, Norway

Wednesday this week, 11 eager participants came to Scandinavian Photo in Oslo, to join me on one of my Fujifilm Nordic workshops about environmental portraits. I don’t know what went through their minds when I started the whole thing by dragging them straight to a nearby beer joint… 

 If you are to shoot portraits in an environment, you need some kind of location. And why not a pub I thought. So I had talked to the owner of Old Christiania, and he was more than happy to let us use it as our location. A fantastic rustic place, with tons of charm, character and history in its walls. 

 Torstein Bøe from Fujifilm Nordic joined me once again, with lots of product knowledge, great stories and a big bag of Fujifilm cameras and lenses that everyone could use during the workshop. He had the X-T1, the brand new X-T10, X100T, and probably more glass than that beer joint had. And he showed great talent for modelling (i.e.,I forced him…) in front of my camera! 

     Inside Old Christiania, we played with light, little light and mixed light. Lighting conditions that several of the participants said they never would have dreamed of shooting in. And we photographed in perhaps a different kind of environment than people often do. That’s the fun part. And to become a better photographer, you have to keep on doing things you don’t know how to do. If you just keep on repeating what you already know, you’ll never get any better.

After some tattoos, loud laughter and empty wineglasses (don’t ask…), we started walking around downtown Oslo. My goal was to show everyone how I think when I walk around looking for locations to photograph people in. And I think it was rewarding for the participants to get to very different kind of views on the theme environmental portraiture. Because as a news photo journalist, Torstein is only an observer, and not allowed to tamper with reality and things happening in front of him. Me on the other hand, I can be a rascal and more of a loose cannon on deck, and rearrange the reality all I want to get my pictures. 

     I hope everyone had a good time, and went home with some new knowledge and inspiration. And if you’re keen on photographic courses and workshops in Norway, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me (http://www.beyondtheice.no/en/kontakt). I can promise that deliver 100% energy, passion and knowledge on all my courses, and I hold nothing back.

PS! Saturday 12. September 2015 I’m leading the National Photowalk (http://nasjonalfotovandring.no/) in Trondheim, Norway, as a representative for Fujifilm Nordic. Wohoo! That’ll be fun! I’m also planning one or two workshops the days prior to the photowalk. So if you’re curious or have any wishes for what kind of workshops you’d like me to arrange, please feel free to get in touch with me (http://www.beyondtheice.no/en/kontakt). 


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