Cellphone photography workshop for NEFU at Skottevik

On June 22. and 23. this year, I was so lucky to be invited by the Norwegian Epilepsy Youth Organization (NEFU), to teach a workshop on cellphone photography during their summercamp at Skottevik Vacationcenter in Kristiansand in Norway. The great thing about only using a cellphone, is that you have no tech stuff or buttons getting in the way. It’s only you and the cellphone, and that give some pretty amazing pictures. Come on in and read on how things went at Skottevik.  

 The day began inside, with some theory and inspiration, and we looked at lots of pictures. Then we went outside and had great fun shooting pictures for a few hours. We had a great lunch too, with some good conversations, and our bodies, souls and cellphones got a refill of energy before we continued outside.

It really was great bunch of eager and motivated people. And I couldn’t help but keep on smiling when I saw all of that youth energy explode in all sorts of creative ideas with their cellphones. Fun!!

One of the most exciting things about teaching photography, is that I often don’t know who the participants are or what they know. And I think this meeting with new people is one of the most rewarding things you can experience.

I had made 7 tips or rules to remember, on how to make better images. We went through those rules inside, and when we where outside, they got to use the rules in real-life situations. I showed them first some hints and tips on how to use those rules when taking pictures, and then they got to practice shooting in different kind of environments. And while they where taking pictures, I hovered around talking to them, giving them practical tips, and they got to show me lots of really great pictures. Wow! There where lots of really good cellphone photographers along them! Cool!

   We wrapped up the workshop with another hour inside with some post processing of their pictures. I got them to transfer images to my cellphone, and then I showed them live on the big screens you can do some quick and easy steps to an even more exciting picture. Not all images need editing, and lots of the images from these two days where great as they where captured. But sometimes there are possibilities within a photograph that can only be discovered through some post processing. Luckily there are some great and free apps for doing the editing on a phone or an iPad too.

 My goal when teaching photographic courses and workshops, no matter if we’re using cellphones, compact or system cameras, is that it should be educational, fun and inspirational. If the participants is more keen on taking pictures after a workshop than before, and they feel they have learned enough to take better pictures, then I’m happy.

If you’re reading this and thinking about arranging a photographic course or a workshop, please feel free to get in touch with me. Either by adding a comment here, or by contacting me through my website. Cellphone photography workshops are becoming increasingly more popular, and they can be combined with lots of other fun activities. How about a competition? Or a digital obstacle course – like orienteering – where the participants have to find new control points and solve puzzles through photographing? Or a treasure hunt, where you’re photographing your way through the map to find the treasure? And maybe there’s a prize at the end of the map…!? The possibilities are endless, but I believe they should all be filled with a purpose, good energy and the joy of photography!

Thanks to all of you from the NEFU summercamp, and some special thanks to Aurora Monrad, Monica Mari Grøtterud, Rakel Tunheim Skretting, Silje Hoff and Annika Fallsen Huhtala for letting me use your very cool images here. You did very well! Have a great summer!


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