Fujifilm X-Pro2 and some popcorn

Finally I get to say woohoo! Right before Christmas, I had a meeting with Fujifilm Nordic where I got to play around a little bit with the X-Pro2 a few weeks before the official launch. I was hugely impressed even from that very brief encounter, and I have really been looking forward to starting using it since that.

And finally today, a nice guy from Schenker arrived at the door with a package. And not only did it contain a shining new X-Pro2, but Fujifilm Nordic had also sent me a couple of bags with something that I believe must be Japanese popcorn. Ahhhhh… So sweet! Those guys are the best! The popcorn was a bit on the dry side actually, but I managed to get it down with half a bottle of Sake. I’ll of course be back with a thorough camera field review after I’ve had the chance to use it for a while.

5 thoughts on “Fujifilm X-Pro2 and some popcorn

  1. Så langt virker det som om tilbakemeldingene for X-Pro2 er overveldende positive. Blir spennende å høre din “dom”. Når det gjelder popkorn’ene, så ville jeg nok byttet ut en halv flaske Sake med en hel flaske akevitt. Sånn for sikkerhets skyld.

    1. Ja jeg ser mange er svært fornøyde, så jeg er spent jeg også Harald! Burde skjønt at Sake ble litt pinglete ja….

  2. I have heard that acetone or possibly jet fuel works better for this purpose because the “popcorn” tends to dissolve faster. I haven’t tried it, however, and neither should anyone else. Just saying. But never mind, because an Other Camera Company has just introduced a body that shoots at 14 frames per second. Think how useful that would be during a fashion shoot, or even a still-life session.

    1. This other guy suggested something I know you are familiar with Mike; aquavit. So I’m gonna ask Fujifilm if they could send me a few more bags in good time for the weekend. Then I’ll mix me a cocktail of one half of Sake, one half of aquavit, one half of acetone, and one half of jet fuel. I know that makes four halves, but I’m not stupider than to know that I just need a really big glass to fit them all in. Duh!

      14fps? I know plenty of cameras that does 24, and Hollywood has been using them for decades. So that Other Camera Company is still 10 frames pr second short.

      Bottoms up!

      1. That sounds like a wonderful cocktail. Please check in from the emergency room and let us know how it turned out. Or better yet, just have a glass of water and avoid the trip to the e.r. Excellent point about being short by 10 frames per second. Maybe if it were only $8,000…

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