How to shoot tethered with the new Fujifilm X Acquire software

Fujifilm came out with a new piece of software last week, the Fujifilm X Acquire tether software. It’s free, and lets you shoot tethered with the X-T1, X-T2 and GFX 50S cameras to Windows or Mac. I just had to dig into it, so I made a video tutorial on how to set it up and use it. You can watch it on my YouTube channel. I’m combining X Acquire with Capture One Pro 10, but I also show you how you can use it in a more basic way without any additional software, as well as give you some powertips on shooting tethered to a Dropbox folder.

Click here to watch the video.


20 thoughts on “How to shoot tethered with the new Fujifilm X Acquire software

    1. I’m not sure why there is no tethering for the X-Pro2, and I have also told Fujifilm that it would be nice to have. But I think they have decided that tethering is for their more studio-like cameras (X-T1/X-T2/GFX50S), and not for the X-Pro series that is after all mostly aimed at street shooters. And another thing, the X-Pro2 only has a USB2.0 connection, and sending 24MP files through with that speed wouldn’t be quite a bit slower compared to the X-T2 (my opinion, not Fujifilms).


  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences! I was looking to use such a solution for tethering images from my X-Pro2 into Capture One but it seems my camera doesn’t support tethering. It’s a shame really because I have no immediate plans to buy an X-T2.

    1. My pleasure Serge! You’re right that the X-Pro2 doesn’t have tethering. I know many have asked Fujifilm why not, myself included actually. I don’t know the reasons behind it, but I suspect the main reason being that the X-Pro2 is defined as a camera mainly for street shooters and photojournalists, and perhaps they don’t see tethering as a common tool for those. Just my thoughts…. I wish they would add it if the hardware allows for it though.

      Eivind Rohne

  2. Hello,

    Today Fuji released the new firmware which allows the X-Pro 2 to shoot tethered. It works great with X-Acquire and Capture One (I followed the instructions in your video!) but the image isn’t auto advancing, it stays on the previously selected image. Do you know which option I have to change in order the new image is shown on the screen each time I take a photo? Thanks!

    1. Hi Serge! Isn’t it great that we finally can tether with the X-Pro2 as well?! Woohoo!! There are a few things that might cause C1 not to display the latest image. First of all, you cannot transfer both the JPG and the rawfile to the computer, because then C1 seems to get confused about which of them is the latest image. So set X Acquire to only transfer one of them to the computer (but you can save both to the memory card if you wish). Then, in C1 and the Camera menu (on top), you need to make sure that it says “Hot Folder Enabled”, and two steps below that in the submenu “Auto Select New Capture”, you need to select “When Ready”. Then what I do, is shoot one exposure and click on its thumbnail when it shows up in the browser (so C1 display it large in the main window), and then it should display the next one coming in automatically. Try this and let me know how it works out.


      1. Hey Eivind, it turns out I just read your instructions about only sending the JPEGS to Capture One and selecting “Hot Folder Enabled” and “Auto Select New Capture.” I figured all that out by trial and error. It works great. My issue was just with tethering the RAW files. That’s when I get the alerts.

        I will tether JPEGs. After I do the culling, I’ll have to import the matching RAW files of the selects.

      2. Hi again Scott! So glad you at least got it to work. Not sure why you get those alerts with rawfiles, since it should work very smoothly. I shoot tethered like this 1-2 times a week, and have used 4-5 different laptops during the last 1.5 year or so, and have never had any issues at all.



  3. Dear Eivind,

    Thank you sir for the tutorial. I would be lost without your assistance. Might you have a clue of why every time I take a photo C1 V11 informs me I have more than one version running at the same time?


    1. Thanks for the kind words Jay, really glad you like it! I have never had any issues with that error message, only if I accidentally try to start Capture One when it’s already running. Have you contacted Phase One support about it?


      1. It is bizarre; followed your tutorial step by step. I must have an improper setting. Phase One is my next step, thanks!

      2. Yes, that sounds very strange. I hope Phase One support can help you pinpoint what’s causing that strange behaviour.

    2. I have the same issue. Every time I take a photo on the X-T2, it tethers to Capture One, pops up on the screen, but a new Capture One icon appears in my dock at the bottom of the Mac screen. A dialog box pops up telling me, “Another instance of Capture One is already running.” Also, the X-Acquire software is sending both RAW and Jpeg files to the Capture folder, regardless of how the preferences are set.

      Any ideas?


      1. Actually, I just noticed that this problem goes away if you change file type to JPEG only on the X-T2. It seems shooting the RAW files causes the issue. Still working on it.


      2. I have not contacted them. I just got Capture One Pro 11 3 days ago. I thought maybe it might be something in the settings. I was kinda waiting to see if the other user who had this issue had found a solution.

      3. I don’t think anything in the settings is wrong after a clean install (since you got C1 three days ago), so I would open a case with Phase One if I were you.

        Let me know how it works out, ok?



      4. I’ve had the same issue. And it seems I just figured out what the problem was: In the Settings of X Acquire you have the option of linking software for JPEGs and for RAWs. I had Capture One 11 linked for both file formats. But you don’t need to do that. If you remove the link to Capture One in X-Acquire, you won’t be seeing anymore icons or popups. Just be sure to point Capture one to the same folder as the capture folder in X Acquire and you’re all set.


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