Photo editing speed-demo

I wrote a blog post a while ago, about how to build a powerful computer for photo editing, and I get a lot of questions about actual performance. Since actual performance is a bit hard to describe in writing, and since things like geeknerdbenchmarks are just numbers, I decided to make a simple video showing how a few things actually works in Capture One Pro 10, Adobe Bridge and Adobe Photoshop. You can find the video up on my YouTube channel, or you can reach it by clicking here.


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Capture One Fujifilm webinar

I’m so excited that Phase One have asked me to do one of their live webinars, and this time it’s all about working with X-Trans files from Fujifilm cameras. So if you want to know more about my workflow, and how I get the results I do with Capture One Pro 10, join me and David Grover live on Thursday 6. July at 17:00 CEST (the same as 17:00 Oslo/Stockholm time). Click here to sign up for the webinar now.