Photoworkshops for Stavanger Foto and Fujifilm

Yes, I admit it. It is so much fun teaching photography by giving speaches and teaching workshops. I’ve been doing that for almost 15 years, and it’s only getting more and more fun. I also get so much back from the participants, and I really appreciate each and everyone that comes to these events.

This Friday and Saturday, I got to join Stavanger Foto at their photo fair as a Fujifilm Nordic representative. On Saturday, I also taught two mini workshops. One on workflow and post processing, and another one on lighting and portraits. I hope the participants got a little glimpse into how I treat my files on the way from camera to finished product, and I also hope they got loads of inspiration to explore portrait photography and photographic lighting. Together with “Ken”, I did everything possible to enlighten people!

All photos by Kai Morten Bjorheim


SF arbeidsflyt 2
So much fun when loads of people show up to learn more about workflow and post processing!


SF portrett 2
“Who lost their head on their way in here?!”


SF portrett 3
Me and “Ken” teaching people about the qualities of light.


SF portrett 4
Lighting is fun, isn’t it Ken?!