Fujifilm X-T2 firmware 4.0 released today!

Woohoo! Fujifilm just keeps on giving and giving, by improving products we have already bought. And believe it or not, it’s happening again. Fujifilm just released firmware version 4.0 for the X-T2, and that means they’re giving us several goodies from the X-H1 goodies. And as usual, the upgrade is free!

I’ve been testing the new firmware for almost a week now, and the first thing I noticed was the improvement in the autofocus system. I always put my trusty old XF35mmF1.4 lens on when testing these things. Even that old lens felt both snappier and more precise, and it just brought a smile to my face. I love this lens, and the fact that it keeps getting better is just awesome.

Just playing around to see how good the autofocus and tracking is.

If you ask me, I think that this is a very good upgrade, and here are the goodies they’re giving us this time:

Focus bracketing
Yes, you can now set your camera to automatically shoot up to 999 images, adjusting the focal position slightly between each shot. The images are saved as separate files (RAW and/or JPG), so you must merge them together and do some focus stacking in your choice of software (for instance Photoshop or Helicon Focus). You can specify number of frames up to 999, the focus shift you want from image to image (in steps from 1 to 10), and the time interval by going to the camera menu SHOOTING SETTING – DRIVE SETTING – BKT SETTING – FOCUS BKT. Remember to turn the camera drive wheel to BKT as well, and with one touch of the shutter button you can have it take those 999 images automatically. So much fun!

New lenses
The X-T2 is now compatible with the two new cinema lenses, MKX18-55mm and MKX50-135mm.

Enlarged and customizable viewfinder indicators/information
You can have your viewfinder info enlarged (and they become really big and visible, like wowsers!), and you can also turn info on or off and customize your camera even further to your taste. Nice!

F-log SD card recording
I know many of those working with video have asked for this since the X-T2 came out, so I bet many will be happy and say “finally”!

Even slower slow motion
Yep, you can now do 1080/120P video with your X-T2, and create some really spectacular slowmo stuff! Very cool! From what I can see, you’ll get some really buttery soft slowmotion, and 120 frames per second really gives you lot to play with in post.

Enhanced Auto Focus Phase Detection
They have rewritten the algorithm, and the autofocus feels both snappier and more precise. Even with an old lens like the XF35mmF1.4. That is so cool! For me, this is perhaps the most important feature about this update, and it made me very happy!

Some more playing around with the autofocus and tracking.

Flicker reduction
Yep, the X-T2 got this one from the X-H1 too, so the camera can now help reduce the flickering of fluorescent lighting. Very handy and useful!

In-camera folder management
In the camera menus, you can now create your own folders on the memory card, name them (with up to five characters), and select what folder the images are going to. Very handy if you’re for instance shooting 10 different garments on a fashion shoot, and want the images to be sorted in dedicated folders at the time of shooting. Nice one!

Backing up your camera settings
Fujifilm have also kept working to improve the ability to backup your camera settings to your computer. This is extremely useful, for instance if you have more than one camera and need to set them up identically, or if you just would like to keep a backup of your standard camera setup, in case you play around and change things. To do this you need to download the free X Acquire software from the Fujifilm website. With this software you can also shoot tethered (getting the images directly into the computer while you are shooting), and you’ll find several videos explaining how to do that on my YouTube channel here.

But how do I upgrade the firmware of my camera?
Many ask me how to perform a firmware upgrade, and it’s so easy. It’s actually faster to do it than to read my bullet points below. Start by going to the Fujifilm website (click here) and download the necessary file. There are individual files for each camera, lens etc. Make sure that if you already have a previous file for the same camera or lens in your download location, let the new one overwrite the old one with the same filename. Don’t let the operating system add anything to the filename (for instance with a “(1)” in it). All the different firmware files have their own unique name, and that name is always the same, no matter which firmware version it is. Like for instance the name of the upgrade file for the X-T2 is always FWUP0010.DAT, and for the XF35mmF1.4 lens it is always XFUP0002.DAT and so on.

Powertip! Since all the Fujifilm firmware files for different cameras and lenses have unique and different filenames, you can put them all together on the same SD card. The camera reads the correct file it needs. I have a dedicated SD card where I have saved all the most recent firmware files, so I can help people upgrade anything from the Fujifilm ecosystem at all times.

And here’s how you perform the upgrade (make sure the battery is fully charged!):

  1. Format an SD card in the camera
  2. Turn off the camera
  3. Take out the SD card and put it in the card reader on your computer
  4. Copy the firmware file you downloaded from your computer to the root of the SD card
  5. Put the card back in the camera
  6. Press and hold the DISP/BACK button on the camera, and keep pressing it while turning on the camera
  7. You’ll get an infoscreen (you can release the DISP/BACK button now) like the one on the picture in this blogpost, that tells you the current version of the firmware for the body and lens (if attached)
  8. Press the MENU/OK button to continue
  9. Select if you want to upgrade the body or the lens (if attached) and press OK
  10. Do not turn off the camera while the upgrade process is running
  11. When the upgrade is complete, turn off the camera, remove the SD card, and you’re ready to rock-n-roll!


2 thoughts on “Fujifilm X-T2 firmware 4.0 released today!

  1. Its ridiculous to have to use X Acquire if all you want to do is save your camera settings. Why or why can’t I save my camera settings to a SD card?

    1. Hi Ron,

      I wish I could tell you why, but you’d have to ask Fujifilm about that. 🙂 But I agree, it would be nice if we could save the settings straight from the camera. On the other hand, using X Acquire really is no hassle. It’s free, installs in a few seconds, and you can do both tethering and duplicating settings between cameras very quickly, so I’m pretty happy with it. At least it’s better that not being able to saving/copying the settings at all like it used to be. 🙂


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