Fujifilm X-T2 firmware 4.0 released today!

Woohoo! Fujifilm just keeps on giving and giving, by improving products we have already bought. And believe it or not, it’s happening again. Fujifilm just released firmware version 4.0 for the X-T2, and that means they’re giving us several goodies from the X-H1 goodies. And as usual, the upgrade is free!

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Fujifilm X-H1 at the Norwegian Nature Photo Festival

I felt like Willy Wonka this weekend, bringing the best tasting chocolate to the world! You see, Fujifilm Nordic had asked me if I could bring some of their goodies out to the Norwegian Nature Photo Festival in Ski. So, they sent me three big cases of übercool equipment for the weekend. Not every day you get a chance to set up a pop-up candy store like this, so this was pure fun!

The star of the show was the brand new X-H1. I have to admit I was a bit sceptic when I first read the specs and saw the pictures of it. But after playing with it for a few days, I’m so impressed! The housing and ergonomics are great – even though I really miss the exposure compensation dial – and it just fits perfectly in my hand. Both with and without the grip. It’s very fast and responsive, and the image stabilization (IBIS) is nothing short of amazing. I hope I get the chance to play with it some more.

But back to those goodie cases, Fujifilm had also sent me amazing GFX 50s. Ooohhh….. And my workhorse – the X-T2, and of course the beautiful Leica killer – the X-Pro2. I also got a bunch of lenses. The 10-24, 14, 16, 23/2, 35/2, 50/2, 16-55, 18-55, 18-135, 80 macro, 90, 55-200, 50-140 and the 100-400. Plus a couple of teleconverters. Phew… But that’s not all. The GFX needs some glass too, so they had sent me the 23, 45, 63, 120 macro and the 32-64. The only thing I felt was missing, and something many asked about, was the 110 lens. But the cases contained more or less everything you could ever want if you were to go off to a deserted island and live happily for the rest of your life.

It was so much fun meeting loads of people sharing the passion for photography. And it surprised me how many wildlife photographers with their long lenses, also admitted they carried either a Fujifilm S, T or F from the X100 series. That’s so cool! And if you ask me, every nature photographer that is serious about what they do, should carry a GFX.

But thank god a lot of the equipment was weather sealed, because people – including yours truly – were literally drooling over all these Fujifilm goodies. Pity I didn’t get to keep all of it, but had to return it to Fujifilm Monday morning… Typical Monday morning blues…

PS! Photos of me by Martin Wallgren.

Photoworkshops for Stavanger Foto and Fujifilm

Yes, I admit it. It is so much fun teaching photography by giving speaches and teaching workshops. I’ve been doing that for almost 15 years, and it’s only getting more and more fun. I also get so much back from the participants, and I really appreciate each and everyone that comes to these events.

This Friday and Saturday, I got to join Stavanger Foto at their photo fair as a Fujifilm Nordic representative. On Saturday, I also taught two mini workshops. One on workflow and post processing, and another one on lighting and portraits. I hope the participants got a little glimpse into how I treat my files on the way from camera to finished product, and I also hope they got loads of inspiration to explore portrait photography and photographic lighting. Together with “Ken”, I did everything possible to enlighten people!

All photos by Kai Morten Bjorheim


SF arbeidsflyt 2
So much fun when loads of people show up to learn more about workflow and post processing!


SF portrett 2
“Who lost their head on their way in here?!”


SF portrett 3
Me and “Ken” teaching people about the qualities of light.


SF portrett 4
Lighting is fun, isn’t it Ken?!





Capture One Pro 10 ICC profiles for Fujifilm X-T1, X-T2 and X-Pro2

As many of you might have guessed, Capture One Pro 10 is my favourite choice for processing rawfiles from Fuji cameras, both the X-T1, X-T2 and X-Pro2. But many prefer Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw because then they have built in support for the excellent Fujifilm film simulations. I don’t know if Phase One is working on their own version of the film simulations in the Capture One software, but I really hope they are. In the meantime, there are a few third party solutions out there, so I’ll give you a couple of links here to ICC profiles that can be downloaded and installed.

There is one set mentioned in a discussion thread on the DPReview forums, and you can download those by clicking here. I haven’t tried these myself, but the download should include ICC profiles for both the X-Trans2 and X-Trans3 sensors. ***UPDATE 8. Jan 2018 *** These profiles are the same as the ones below (thanks to Ivan for letting me know in the comment section).

And then there’s another set mentioned in the Fuji-X-Forum for the X-T1 and X-Pro2, and those ICC profiles can be downloaded by clicking here. I have used these with both the X-Pro2 and X-T2, and they seem pretty good. I can’t say how accurat ethey are compared to the in-camera profiles or the Adobe ones, but they seem ok. PS! To make these work for the X-T2, you just rename the XPRO2 part of the filename to XT2. So for instance, if the filename of the profile is “FujiXPRO2-ACROS_ARGB_V2”, you just rename it to “FujiXT2-ACROS_ARGB_V2” and should work just fine.

For both of these you will find details on how to install them in the forums threads, but the short version is that on my Windows 10 machine I just copied them to the “…\Program Files\Phase One\Capture One 10\Color Profiles\DSLR” folder on my computer. On a Mac I believe the correct folder should be “Macintosh HD/Library/ColorSync/Profiles”.

Have fun!

Eivind Rohne / instagram.com/erohne

It’s fashion photography competition time!

I know it’s 1. April, but this is for real! I’m this months judge, jury and executioner in the Photo of the Month Competition, Round 9, on the @_53mm_ Fujifilm Instagram feed. 

All entries must be taken with a Fujifilm XF35mm lens, and posted on Instagram with the unique hashtag #12x53_rohne. 

For full terms and conditions, as well as a bunch of inspiration for shooting fashion, visit the main 53mm website at www.fiftythreemm.com
Good luck!

How to shoot tethered with the new Fujifilm X Acquire software

Fujifilm came out with a new piece of software last week, the Fujifilm X Acquire tether software. It’s free, and lets you shoot tethered with the X-T1, X-T2 and GFX 50S cameras to Windows or Mac. I just had to dig into it, so I made a video tutorial on how to set it up and use it. You can watch it on my YouTube channel. I’m combining X Acquire with Capture One Pro 10, but I also show you how you can use it in a more basic way without any additional software, as well as give you some powertips on shooting tethered to a Dropbox folder.

Click here to watch the video.


How to shoot tethered with Fujifilm X-T2 and Capture One Pro 10

So here’s the second part in my YouTube series of tutorials on tethered shooting with the Fujifilm X-T2 camera. This time I show you how you can use the excellent Capture One Pro 10 software. But, since Capture One Pro 10 hasn’t built in tethering support for the X-T2 camera (or the X-T1), you have to use something like this workaround to get it to work, with the Fujifilm software HyperUtility HS-V5 running in the background. The advantages of using this setup compared to the Lightroom setup in my previous post, is that this is way faster with much better stability. You can watch the tutorial on my YouTube channel by clicking here.

How to shoot tethered with Fujifilm X-T2 and Lightroom

Shooting tethered is a great tool for me, and I know many photographers are looking for info on how to set it up with the Fujifilm X-T2 camera. Feel free to check out my latest video on YouTube, where I go into detail on how to set up tethering with Lightroom and the Fujifilm Tether Plug-in made by Adobe, plus a bunch of tips, tricks and feedback on what I think about Lightroom as a tool for this. Click here to view the video on my YouTube channel. And the next video, covering how you can shoot tethered with the X-T2 and Capture One Pro 10, will be released in a couple of weeks.

Fujifilm X-Pro2 – My 6 month field review

Some lifestyle work with Dora from a workshop I taught (lens: XF90mmF2).
Let me be honest. I’m not a rangefinder guy. I grew up shooting medium format and SLRs, both film and digital. I’ve barely used a Leica, and only held a Fujifilm X-Pro1 in my hands once without even taking a picture with it. That’s why I thought it would be a great idea to share my thoughts with you on the Fujifilm X-Pro2! Don’t you agree…?! Well come on in and read more about it.   Continue reading “Fujifilm X-Pro2 – My 6 month field review”

Fujifilm X-Pro2 and some popcorn

Finally I get to say woohoo! Right before Christmas, I had a meeting with Fujifilm Nordic where I got to play around a little bit with the X-Pro2 a few weeks before the official launch. I was hugely impressed even from that very brief encounter, and I have really been looking forward to starting using it since that.

And finally today, a nice guy from Schenker arrived at the door with a package. And not only did it contain a shining new X-Pro2, but Fujifilm Nordic had also sent me a couple of bags with something that I believe must be Japanese popcorn. Ahhhhh… So sweet! Those guys are the best! The popcorn was a bit on the dry side actually, but I managed to get it down with half a bottle of Sake. I’ll of course be back with a thorough camera field review after I’ve had the chance to use it for a while.