Fujifilm X-Pro2 and some popcorn

Finally I get to say woohoo! Right before Christmas, I had a meeting with Fujifilm Nordic where I got to play around a little bit with the X-Pro2 a few weeks before the official launch. I was hugely impressed even from that very brief encounter, and I have really been looking forward to starting using it since that.

And finally today, a nice guy from Schenker arrived at the door with a package. And not only did it contain a shining new X-Pro2, but Fujifilm Nordic had also sent me a couple of bags with something that I believe must be Japanese popcorn. Ahhhhh… So sweet! Those guys are the best! The popcorn was a bit on the dry side actually, but I managed to get it down with half a bottle of Sake. I’ll of course be back with a thorough camera field review after I’ve had the chance to use it for a while.

Triopo Oubao F3-500 TTL studioflash for location use

The Chinese manufacturer Triopo recently sent me something that up until now was nothing more than a rumour on the web. The brand new Triopo Oubao F3-500. A battery powered studio and location flash, with a whopping 500Ws effect. The on board rechargeable Li-ion battery means zero cables, something that makes life so much easier. It can also run on mains power without the battery. Click to continue reading a little bit more in this preview, until I reveal the full review in a few weeks. 

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Cellphone photography workshop for NEFU at Skottevik

On June 22. and 23. this year, I was so lucky to be invited by the Norwegian Epilepsy Youth Organization (NEFU), to teach a workshop on cellphone photography during their summercamp at Skottevik Vacationcenter in Kristiansand in Norway. The great thing about only using a cellphone, is that you have no tech stuff or buttons getting in the way. It’s only you and the cellphone, and that give some pretty amazing pictures. Come on in and read on how things went at Skottevik.  

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