How to improve the function buttons on the Fujifilm X-T1 with Sugru

Some may find it weird that I have to “fix” an already great camera. But everything comes down to personal taste, and I have yet to find a camera with perfect ergonomics and no issues. And sometimes it’s better to fix things than to be annoyed with them. But how?


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I’m moving into this place!

When I started blogging about photography and photo related topics on Blogger some years ago, I started out with two blogs. One in norwegian, and one in english. After a couple of years, I merged those two into one, mainly with photography posts in norwegian. But what can I say, I love both languages. So I’ve decided to go back to two blogs, and I’m moving into this place, WordPress!

All existing posts will stay in the two blogger blogs, but some might be copied over to this place and updated. So hope you’ll enjoy new posts and stories here, mainly about photography related topics, but I might surprise you and throw in something completely different from time to time.